Modern Room Partitions At Home

The primary use of modern room partitions is to create more functional spaces by dividing a large room into smaller areas. They can also be used to define a space in your home. For example, if you are living in a contemporary apartment with an open-layout, you use a divider to define a space that will be used as your dining room and a living room.

You can also use modern room partitions in your children’s bedroom to separate their sleeping area from their study or play space. There are just so many possibilities and uses of modern room partitions.

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Types of Modern Room Partitions:

Modern room partitions can be permanent, portable or freestanding. They can be sliding, bifold, folding, accordion, louvered or hanging. They are also available in numerous materials such as rice paper, wood, steel, metal, vinyl, plastic, fabric glass, mirrors and many more.

If you have a small space, you can use the sliding or bifold style partition as replacement to save valuable space in your house. Or you can use a divider with mirrors to visually expand a room. Fabric dividers are ideal if you tight on a budget and want to constantly change your partitions.

A Glimpse at Some Modern Room Partitions:

Are you looking for some redecorating ideas that would make your open-floor plan apartment look attractive? Then think no further than Adjustable Sliding Room Divider. The custom-made sliding panels of this unit can help divide a space. Or you can also opt to use it as replacement for your traditional doors and windows. Creating two or more rooms out of one big room has never been this easy, quick and affordable. It is available in colors of gold and primrose. Each sliding panel measures 19 and ¾ inches by 88 and ½ inches. For more details, go to

Pensacola Wood Fiber Woven Room Divider - Dark Brown features 3 hinged panels for easy adjustment and finished in brown on both sides. You can use this wood fiber made divider to separate or divide an open space or act as decoration in your dorm room or any residential setting. Its overall dimensions are 54 inches wide by 1-inch deep by 72 inches high. Check out this divider under item number SCR108 at It is on sale for $269.98, 29 percent or $110.01 less from the list price of $379.99.

Forged Metal Room Divider is a solid panel privacy screen made of durable forged metal with warm brown finish, nub heads and golden trim accents. These 3-hinged panels are easy to adjust, allowing you to have efficient partitions without sacrificing the airiness and lightness of the space. You can also use these units as dividers or separators to create multiple rooms in commercial or residential areas that need define space such as a restaurant, condo or bedroom. The available dimensions are 64 inches wide by 1-inch depth by 72 inches high. These partitions are sold under item number SCR103 at for only $699.98, 22 percent or $200.01 less from the retail price of $899.99.

This folding screen features pockets to give you a unique private space. Adesso HX4804-22  Pocketz Folding Screen is a combination of 3 natural canvas panels, pockets and steel frame and will never fail to create a space with convenience and style. The available sizes are 72 inches high by 48 inches wide. This satin steel screen is sold at for only $115.50.

Just as there are endless uses of modern room partitions, so is their styles, sizes, colors and materials. And prices will depend on your options and suppliers.

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Posted 1284 days ago
Choosing modern room partitions is not a task that should be taken lightly. You need to take into consideration where you plan to install the divider and how you plan to use it.
Posted 1291 days ago
Modern room partitions are available in many styles. There are freestanding which you can move around and can be stored easily while a mirror room divider can visually expand the size of your room as well as enhance the brightness of an area.
Posted 1299 days ago
Setting up a budget before buying modern room partitions is important to narrow down your choices and make it easy and quick for you to make a buying decision. If you have limited budget, you can opt for dividers made of particle board or veneer.
Posted 1366 days ago
Modern room partitions are useful in dividing one big office area into smaller spaces to give employees their privacy. They can be used to separate one department from another or one operation from the other.
Posted 1372 days ago
There are many replacement styles of modern room partitions. You have choices of glass-based dividers, bookshelves that can be also used as dividers, mirror dividers that can function also as your full-length mirror and many more.
Posted 1384 days ago
Freestanding modern room partitions can be moved around to change the layout of a room. However, many are designed to be heavier, thus they are often used as stationary dividers placed in one area.
Posted 1386 days ago
Mobile modern room partitions are easy to move around. You can transfer it from one room to another without any effort at all as they are designed to be lightweight. Just think how great it is to easily change the look of your room within a matter of minutes.

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